Resolution is an awesome week away, usually teamed up with the ‘Revive’ Youth Church from Hounslow. During this time it is packed with amazing Meetings, fun trips out and ‘intriguing’ games onsite. The last couple of years Resolution has settled base at Cefn Lea in Wales. Here we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and have our own chalets’ with places to ‘chill out’, maybe play a game of mafia or two and also play Fifa etc on the game consoles. We also have our own Meeting Halls where some of the wacky games take place, but also where worship and teaching occurs, brought to the young people by our fantastic Livewire/ Revive Leaders. Resolution is a time to have plenty of fun but also a great opportunity for the young people to really have their own personal encounter with God. Throughout the week there are many chances for the young people to really soak up God’s presence and experience first hand His awesome power and love.